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ECHOTEX® Street Banners - Frequently Asked Questions
What is Echotex® made of?

Echotex® is a banner fabric comprised of 100% recycled yarn. The yarn is made from 65% pre-consumer textile fibres and 35% post-consumer PET bottles. These components are shredded, melted and then formed into new fibres that create the Echotex® fabric. The fabric is then treated with a calibrated coating made specifically for our DuPont Artistri digital textile printer.

Why choose Echotex®?

Municipalities are continually in search of simple and cost effective initiatives that they can implement to reduce their environmental footprint. By switching to Echotex®, municipalities can promote a street banner program that is made out of 100% recycled fabric. In fact, Echotex® is currently the only street banner fabric available in Canada that is 100% recycled.

Does Echotex® cost more than nylon street banners?

Echotex® is virtually the same price as non-recycled banner fabrics that are printed with long-lasting dyes. Now municipalities can “go green” and contribute to reducing the eco-footprint in their communities, which supports and builds a sustainable environment.

Are the dispersed dyes used on Echotex® more toxic than the acid dyes used on nylon?

No, dispersed dyes and acid dyes are both water based.

Can Echotex® street banners be repurposed into other things, such as shopping bags?

Absolutely! We were the first to make used nylon street banners into shopping bags, and now we encourage our customers to repurpose their Echotex® banners, which helps keep them out of the landfills.

Does Echotex® weaken over time more than nylon?

No, it's actually the opposite. Echotex® is made out of Dacron (a woven polyester formulated exclusively by DuPont), which has a stronger UV rating than nylon, so Echotex® breaks down more slowly in the sun than nylon.

When comparing Echotex® to nylon, which banners will look newer longer?

We've been printing on Echotex® for over two years, and we have clients whose banners, after 1 year, still look brand new. So far, Echotex® banners have exceeded our expectations.

What we DO know is that

  • Echotex® is just as strong a nylon;
  • has a stronger UV rating so it breaks down more slowly in the sun than nylon does;
  • the dispersed dyes used on Echotex® have a stronger light fastness and UV rating than the acid dyes used on nylon.

Final Words

The textile leaders in the world are located in Europe, where printing on ‘virgin’ or ‘recycled’ polyester with dispersed dyes is the standard. Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa print almost exclusively on polyester. When we made the switch from nylon to Dacron in 2008 (with the R&D having started before then), we weren’t inventing anything new. All we have done is bring European technology to Canada and then fine-tuned it, so that we could offer a vibrant and beautiful quality street banner that is made out of 100% recycled fabric. We aren’t the first in the world to offer this product; we are just the first in Canada.

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